Unique and exceptional building with an large area

Area 4800 m2
Dimensions 60m x 80m x 18,7m, useful height 12m
Capacity up to 4500 people (standing arrangement)
  up to 1500 people (sitting arrangement)

The Roofed Square is, besides other things, a perfect venue for events such as concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, markets, public skating and other social, cultural and sporting activities. Thanks to the roof, any event can take place there independently of the weather, which is a huge advantage compared to other squares. On top of this, the Roofed Square may not only be rented by organisers of big events, but also by regular visitors to serve their private purposes.

  • Concerts
  • Public inline skating
  • Skateboarding
  • Fairs / Markets
  • Events
  • Congresses / Seminars / Workshops
  • Sport Events
  • Presentasions
  • Exhibitions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Cinema

If you like to rent the roofed square for any purpos, please contact our sales department- Contact.

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